Types Of Educational Services

The Educational Services industry includes establishments that offer education and training in various subjects, usually related to learning. This education and training may be offered by specialized non-profit establishments, like schools, colleges, hospitals, and vocational training centers. Usually, educational services include providing training and education in learning disabilities, English as a second language, GED courses, parenting programs, teen programs, special education programs, homeschooling, and instruction. Other services may also be available such as counseling on career planning and education, student grants, technical assistance, home loan repayment, and professional development.

Several kinds of institutions offer specialized training centers, and universities offering specialized education and instruction in specific areas of study. Universities may offer courses of study such as business management, criminal justice, English language, literature, humanities, science, technology, and psychology. Schools and community colleges also provide instruction in several courses. While the two types of educational services may provide instruction or training in the same course or program, they typically do so at different levels and slightly different lengths.