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A Guide for Beauty Business Owners: Use Leaflet Marketing to Attract More Customers

Did you know, women spend up to £40,000 on hair and £100,000 on make-up in their lifetime? This interesting statistic was shared by, along with a finding that: few people will book an appointment at a salon that looks...


What is metal fabrication?

Metal fabrication is the process of fabricating or creating parts, machines and structures from different raw materials. The process of creating metal structures involves the cutting, bending and assembling of the metals as a complete procedure. Custom metal fabrication involves...


What is meant by zone 2 lighting?

Zone 2 lighting is the lighting ideal for hazardous areas that are classified as Zone 2. These lighting fixtures are such that they can withstand the corrosive environment or the existence of gaseous atmosphere. The lighting is such that they...


Do You Know the Advantages of Hydraulic Tensioner?

Hydraulic tensioners, stud and bolt tensioning can offer following important benefits: Very accurate and repeatable stud-loading The theory as well as practice of tightening by using any hydraulic tensioners, bolt tensioners and any hydraulic stud is quite simple. Hydraulic stud...

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